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SFC presents Fazerdaze live in Hong Kong

Handmade Tix : Zoo Records: Shop 325, Level 3, No.608 Nathan Road, Mong Kok The Globe : Garley Bldg 45-53A Graham St, Hong Kong Lab- Designer Collection : 4/F, Honytex Building, 22 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong Online at ''Morningside is what happens when a bedroom pop record gets too big for just a single room, but all the while never loses its intimacy.'' Pitchfork The brainchild of Amelia Murray, Fazerdaze began as a string of bedroom recordings created late in the night, emerging fully formed in 2014 as her debut eponymous EP. A succinct collection of intimate, beautifully produced dream-pop written, produced and performed by Murray herself, It’s a significant first outing for the young New Zealander with layers of softly crunching guitars swirling over consistently driving drum machines, and sparse electronica. The EP quickly took flight, receiving critical acclaim from blogs and publications around the globe. NME described it as ‘elegant dream pop’, while US blog HillyDilly exclaimed how ‘Fazerdaze transports us to a warm, optimistic sonic space with her glistening synths and mellow acoustic guitar strums’. Since the EP release, Fazerdaze and her band have shifted to another level and with the release of ‘Morningside’ (on legendary NZ label - Flying Out ) Fazerdaze have undoubtedly been the indie break out band of the year. The single ‘Lucky Girl’ is a gloriously catchy piece of indie-pop, the sound track to summer ’17 for indie kids across the globe. Supporting and touring with acts like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Explosions in The Sky and Connan Moccasin and with sold out UK and US tours, Fazerdaze’s star is rising fast. They stole the show at both Laneways and Others Ways festivals. Faserdaze will be supported by Hong Kong's best dream pop band - Thud ! :)

Ecologies. Matters of Coexistence: Future

Tuesday 17.10.2017, 7pm @ Connecting Space Hong Kong Lectures by Bogna M Konior and Angela Su TAXIDERMIC MEDIA: ART, CLIMATE CHANGE, AND THE ANIMAL CORPSE - Lecture by Bogna Konior Pest. Vermin. Plague. Corpse. When the narrative of progress transforms into an unstable condition of forced nomadic life, unpredictable weather patterns, systemic violence, temporary labour and volatile markets, the ability to remain alive and healthy in a decomposing world becomes the pinnacle of success and privilege. Alongside the death of “the human” in the contemporary theory unveils the persistence of illness, pain and pollution as the dominant sensory, aesthetic and political regime. This talk explores how art as an adaptive practice moves on the axes of waste and exclusion, engaging the unproductive, the decomposing and the dead, examining specifically the instances when artists work with the animal corpse and the practice of taxidermy. It examines art as neither “green” nor “environmental,” but as a predatory ecology of excluded, dead, multi-species labour. A FEMBOT’S CONFESSION – Lecture by Angela Su Greetings, my friends. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. You are interested in the unknown, the mysterious, the unexplainable. That is why you are here. My friends, can your hearts stand the shocking facts about fembots from outer space? - All lectures are free of change and open to public. - SHORT BIOS Bogna M. Konior is the director of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, Asia. She holds a Research Masters in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam and is currently based in Hong Kong. She writes about media and technology, ecology, pain, violence, aesthetics and politics. Her text-based installations exploring theory in the Anthropocene have been exhibited internationally and can be viewed at Angela Su received a degree in biochemistry in Canada before pursuing visual arts. By...

Language exchange tables - French/Cantonese

Dear language aficionados, come and join us for an informal language exchange gathering! We will be practicing French, Cantonese, Mandarin and English in a relaxed atmosphere. This is not a class, but rather a fun activity where you and your language partners can improve your conversation skills and unwind from a (long) day at work in an informal setting. You can move from table to table, switching languages and making new friends along the way! We hope to see you soon at our bi-monthly meetings! By RSVP only to: (AF members - please state your AF member number) (UFE Members) This event is open to Alliance Française students & members and UFE members only. Limited seats.


無論你地係真情侶, 假情侶, 地下情侶, 或者唔係情侶。你地都可以參加呢個神鵰俠侶歌唱比賽!! 日期: 2017-10-17(二) 時間: 8:30-10:30pm 報名費: $150(每組) 連2杯飲品 報名請入數到以下戶口 恒生266 087790 882 之後whatsapp 53354477通知我們 --- 每組由兩位參加者組成, (男男,女女,男女) 合作完成一首歌曲。 --- - 冠軍 獎座2個 紅館二人晚餐現金劵$500 - 最受歡迎情侶獎 獎座2個 - 貌合神離奬

Wednesday 18 October 2017


1st Floor On Hing Building 1

852 Hong Kong

STUDIO presents | Kaoba Latina

STUDIO presents | 'Kaoba Latina' every Wednesday with DJ ROS Try something new on a Wednesday from 8pm onwards! STUDIO presents an evening of latin flare with KAOBA LATINA. Kaoba Latina is a Hong Kong based band consisting of members from Asia's number one Latin Jazz Band, The Alonso Gonzalez Jazz Latino Quintet. They bring a great mix of talents with influences from Africa, Asia and Latin America, delivering a powerful and energetic mix of Latin, Latin Jazz and World Music. Audiences listening to the band will not only feel the positive vibes coming from the stage with their ears but also with their bodies as they will not be able to sit through a complete set without moving to the seductive beats of their music. Now you can catch Kaoba Latina every Wednesday at STUDIO located at the heart of Hong Kong's number one nightlife district. If you want to enjoy a stunning cocktail accompanied by the refined, sophisticated and exhilarating sounds of Latin America and beyond, you know where to be and they won't be missing a beat. DJ DETAILS: Artist Profile: DJ ROS Deejay Ros, a musical powerhouse hailing from Metz, France, pulls you into his universe through mastery of beats and his own unique style. He sprinkles each tune he touches with that extra something special that makes him a standout from the rest. His passion, expertise, and strive for perfection infuses his work with energy and spice. Deejay Ros is often picked out from the crowd for his musical eclecticism and his energetic mixes that enables him to fully satisfy the tireless clubbers and music lovers, making each night with Ros a memorable experience. We look forward to seeing you there! To book a table, please email FOLLOW: #STUDIOCLUBHK Address: 1/F On Hing Building, No. 1 On Hing Building, Central HK


(For English please scroll down) 天邊外劇場主辦「世界劇場表演工作坊系列」之 原始聲音兩星期工作坊 導師:尚‧雷內‧杜桑 「這是一個超越聲音訓練、超越劇場、一個關於生命、關於人性的工作坊。」 ─ 一名2015年工作坊參與者 無論參加者是演員或歌唱家,都可以透過原始聲音,用自己的身體進行構圖及對稱形態的實驗,每一個身體部位都可以用來聆聽以及表達意思,通過探索聲音及動作的不同組合方式,表演者得以突破普通人的行動模式,磨鍊出可達到演出狀態的身體及精神。 在探索中,我們嘗試瞭解並發展個人與人交流的方式,使我們更意識到身體的動律,當中的練習包括:吸氣聲音、打開喉嚨聲音即興、刺激橫膈膜、集體控制一個身體、聽從群體和聽從身體動律。通過這次重點訓練,我們將令自己驚訝,疲勞消減,提升靈敏度,把聲音打開,是次工作坊中學員將把原始聲音應用在台詞上。 兩年前杜桑老師應天邊外劇場邀請來港授課,參與同學無不獲益良多,老師今次再度來港並一連教授近兩星期,切勿錯過這難得的機會!工作坊以英語授課。 上課日期 : 2017.10.18 - 29 7-11pm 2017.10.22 & 29 2-6pm 2017.10.23 休息 (共12節+1展演10.29) 地點:賽馬會創意藝術中心L5-10 報名日期 (不接受臨場報名) : 報名參加全期工作坊 2017.9.1 to 2017.10.02 單堂報名日期 2017.10.6 起 學費 : $2800 (全期) $2500 (天邊外劇場最近兩年,即1/9/2015 -1/9/2017舊生) $500 (單堂) 查詢 : +852 5401 6768 (WhatsApp) 網頁: ※ 關於原始聲音 「原始聲音」使人與自己原有的聲音 重新連在一起,這把「原始」的聲音潛藏在身體內,神奇而充滿可能性,可應用在演員、歌唱家及舞者的訓練上,又可用 來消除個人的心理障礙,深入地探索原有的個性,杜桑老師的方法源自他協助聽障孩子的經驗,他發現了聲音 作為一個身體的訓練是如何重要,他對於未被西方社會、價值觀及文化洗禮的原始聲音及它多變的特質產生濃厚的興趣。 官方網頁: ※ 工作坊元素 : 發聲 形體 劇場 戲劇 ※ 對象: 原始聲音舊生、專業演員及曾接受演技訓練者 ※ 語言:英語 ※ 名額:25 ※ 關於導師 尚‧雷內‧杜桑 Jean-René Toussaint (法國) 尚‧雷內‧杜桑出生於法國,是一位導演、演員及聲音導師。他創立了別豎一格、專為表演者及治療師而設的聲音訓練方法 ,這方法在荷蘭稱為Stemwerk,英文名為Primitive Voice,他亦是荷蘭鹿特丹及土耳其阿瓦諾斯兩所訓練中心的創辦人及總監。 杜桑從1973年起活躍於劇場界,曾與世界級劇團及藝術家合作,例如生活劇場,羅伊哈特劇團、羅伯特‧威爾遜與及波蘭實驗劇團。他的一套發聲理論及技巧受到如阿陶、葛羅托斯基與及羅伊‧哈特等一些當代劇場的重要人物的薰陶。杜桑曾遠赴亞洲地區如印度等,學習不同的年代久遠的發聲方法,其中包括阿富汗的蘇菲社群、蒙古人、西藏人,以及日本的發聲傳統 。 天邊外劇場為香港藝發局資助團體。 THEATRE HORIZON PRESENTS World Theatre Workshop Series PRIMITIVE VOICE TWO-WEEK WORKSHOP with Jean-René Toussaint " This workshop is beyond voice training, beyond theatre. It is about life and about humanity. " ─ A workshop participant in 2015. Through accessing the primitive voice, the actor/singer, participant is invited to experiment with the full range of his/her body's composition and asymmetry. Each part of the body has its place in listening and expressing. Through exploring the wide palette of voice and movement combinations, the performer moves beyond...

Volvo Hong Kong to Vietnam Race

Organised by Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Starts Wednesday 18 October 2017 Offshore Special Regulations Category 1 Approximate distance 673nm The Volvo Hong Kong to Vietnam Race 2017 is organised by the RHKYC and will be run under the auspices of RORC and the RORC Offshore Special Regulations. It is a challenging, predominantly downwind, 673nm fast passage to Nha Trang, on the south-eastern coast of Vietnam - the 2017 race has once again been recognised as a qualifying race for the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race. 2017 will mark the eighth edition of this biennial Race which is the longest Category One offshore race in Asia. The Race was first run in 1996 and then regularly since 2004. The current race record of 42h 17m 24s was set in 2015 by Syd Fischer’s Ragamuffin 100 at an average VMG of 15.8 knots. A popular tourist destination in its own right, Nha Trang also offers a great revictualling point for boats intending to continue on to other seasonal sailing events in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. The Race is a constituent event of Volvo China Coast Race Week, together with Volvo China Coast Regatta.

Ciné-Club - The Rabbi's Cat

Algiers, 1920s. Rabbi Sfar has more than one problem. His beautiful daughter is becoming a teenager and above all, his parrot-killing cat has just started talking! The delivery of a box from Russia further complicates things when a painter is discovered inside, more dead than alive. He is on a quest for a hidden tribe and its mythical city in Africa. Convinced that the city exists, he sets off on an incredible adventure, taking with him the Rabbi, his cat, a wise old Arab Sheikh and an eccentric Russian millionaire. Sfar's style and vision carries a universal message of tolerance, in this highly original, beautifully crafted film, celebrating a joyful and multi-colorful return to hand-drawn 2D. In French with English subtitles Le Chat du Rabbin Animation (2010) - 1h40 Participants must be 18 yrs or above By RSVP only to

Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Get your deerstalker cap on — the play’s afoot! Comedic genius Ken Ludwig transforms Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic The Hound of the Baskervilles into a murderously funny adventure. Sherlock Holmes is on the case. The male heirs of the Baskerville line are being dispatched one by one. To find their ingenious killer, Holmes and Watson must brave the desolate moors before a family curse dooms its newest heir. Watch as our intrepid investigators try to escape a dizzying web of clues, silly accents, disguises, and deceit as five actors deftly portray more than 40 characters. Does a wild hellhound prowl the moors of Devonshire? Can our heroes discover the truth in time? Join the fun and see how far from elementary the truth can be. Title Sponsor: Baker Tilly Hong Kong Ltd Cast: Sherlock Holmes: Ivan Idzik Doctor Watson: Warren Adams Actress 1: Jacqueline Gourlay Grant Actor 1: Hamish Campbell Actor 2: Davina Lee Carrete Creative: Producer: Sweet and Sour Productions Ltd Writer: Ken Ludwig Director: Candice Moore Set and Lighting: Ian Pratley Sound: Davina Lee Carrete Costumes: Jacqueline Gourlay Grant, Vivian Chow Make-up: Leena Lempinen Stage Manager: Heather Cooper Deputy Stage Manager: Vanessa Lee

Privé Group's 10th Anniversary

Privé Group's 10th Anniversary Time flies, it's been a decade already! Thank you for all your support through the years and we would like to celebrate this very special milestone with everyone. Save the date and join in on the party! Thursday, October 19, 2017 8PM - 11PM | Freeflow Drinks 11PM - Late | Party Continues Reservations: T: 2850 6826

Eksotika with Phred Noir & Did Virgo (La dame Noir

La dame Noir is formerly a label, a bar, a club (“La dame Noir Dancing”) and some in-house producers based in Marseille / France, mainly concerned with a modern disco sound . La dame Noir’s “disco” can be described as a close encounter between shiny nu-disco, slow haunted house music with a few hints of new wave. Because of this duality, La dame Noir Records lhas been blending original material by stylish new comers like Did Virgo, Johnson or Amevicious as well as confirmed international artists like Pete Herbert, Danton Eeprom, Dicky Trisco or Tim Paris...  Sir Andrew Weatherall compiled a track from LdN Rds in his 3cds compilation “The Masterpiece”, Dixon recently podcasted another track from the label, and djs like Laurent Garnier, Tiga or Bill Brewster are showing loads of support to La dame Noir Rds.

DJ Tracks (Live Set)

由巨星DJ Snake極力支持嘅法國新星DJ Tracks即將係10月19號降臨Zentral! 憑住充滿創意嘅DJ live set同多年經驗, Tracks嘅演出定必令你目瞪口呆! 想聽到最新最型嘅DJ set就快D登記免費入場QR Code 喇! 立即登記: Supported by DJ Snake, Parisian music sensation DJ Tracks will be bringing Zentral the most innovative and suprising DJ live set on 19th Oct (Thurs). Jaw-dropping is the only word to describe Tracks' performance, so register your FREE ENTRY QR Code now: Sign up here:

JP Marchand Burgundy Masterclass

For the last 3 years, The Flying Winemaker has always held a Burgundy Masterclass in October. Some of you may ask why? As the Northern Hemisphere is approaching harvest, the Burgundians will be slap bang in the middle of it in October. To celebrate the harvest of this illustrious region that many of us love, we will be showcasing the infamous JP Marchand hosted by Jean Baptiste Mage from The Wine Guild HK and Eddie McDougall. WHO IS JP MARCHAND? Domaine Jean-Philippe Marchand is classified as a “Grand Vin de Bourgogne” producing premium wines from some first growth vineyards. Located in the heart of Gevrey-Chambertin, JP Marchand strives to portray the very best of Burgundian terroir by producing wines of Burgundy from vines that are on average, 40 years old, across various appellations. The land and winemaking responsibilities have been in the Marchand family for 7 generations since 1813. If you are a lover of Burgundy, JP Marchand will be sure to impress with some amazing wines. Wine List 1.) Bourgogne Chardonnay 2015 2.) Bourgogne Haute Cotes de Nuits Chardonnay 2014 3.) Montagny 1er Cru “Les Beaux Champs” 2015 4.) Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2015 5.) Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Nuits Pinot Noir 2015 6.) Cotes de Beaune Village 2014 7.) Gevrey Chambertin Vieilles Vignes 2014 WHEN: 19 October, 7:00-8:30pm PRICE: HKD$400 TICKET:

Diwali Bollywood Night with DJ Lemon, DJ Rink & DJ

This October the 20th, join us at Armani/Aqua for Revel Events' Bollywood Night - Diwali Edition. This time we are going bigger & better than ever with a new, larger venue and the strongest DJ line up ever seen in Hong Kong. Walk the red carpet into Armani/Aqua which will be converted into a luxurious night club for the evening, with double the dance floor and double the bars. We welcome back India's number one star attraction, DJ Lemon with very special guest DJ Rink - Mumbai's top female DJ. Both will be supported by Hong Kong's number one party -starter and our very own Bollywood resident - DJ Raahil. TICKETS Advance Tickets $250 with 1 standard drink On The Door $300 with 1 standard drink Special Diwali canapés will be served at midnight Tickets are available to collect at Armani/Aqua reception or by calling 3583 2828 or 6405 6420. Order 10 or more tickets and receive free ticket delivery within selected HK Island & Kowloon zones. TABLE PACKAGES Georgio Armani Private Table (Seats up to 15 people) $10,000 including 1x Johnnie Walker Blue Label, 1x Beluga Vodka, 1x Patrón XO Café Tequila, 1x Monkey 47 Gin with all mixers and luxury fruit platter. Armani/Aqua Premium Booth (Seats up to 6 people) $5,000 including 1x Macallan 12 Year Whisky, 1x Beluga Vodka, 1x Patrón XO Café with all mixers and grand fruit platter. Armani/Aqua Club Table (Seats up to 4 people) $3,000 including 1x Macallan 12 Year Whisky, 1x Beluga Vodka with all mixers and fruit platter.

Young Master Beer Tasting

SURPRISE SURPRISE! To celebrate the Oktober Fest, we are partnering with Young Master Brewery, Hong Kong’s largest, highest rated, and most awarded craft brewery producing a wide range of exciting craft beers. WHO IS YOUNG MASTER? Young Master Brewery opened its doors in December 2013 and kick-started the craft-brewing movement in Hong Kong. Right from inception, their mission has been to make truly distinctive beers with world-class quality standards with no pandering to lowest common denominator flavour profiles. WHY ARE YOUNG MASTERS BEERS DIFFERENT? Their beer list has always featured both classic styles like a well-balanced pale ale, avant-garde beers like a foeder aged mixed culture forest berry sour ale and ones that draw inspiration from the flavours of Hong Kong, like a tart and saline Cha Chaan Teng Gose brewed with local salted lime and others that are especially designed for the seasons. They make a core range of beers all year round and a constantly changing set of limited release beers as well. THE BEERS ON TASTING Since Young Master began operations, they have earned the support of the most discerning clients in Hong Kong including iconic hotels like Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons; prestigious private clubs; craft beer specialist bars and some of the trendiest restaurants and bars in town. Their beers will be on sale during that special night and you will get to try an exclusive wild sour beer that is no longer available for purchase. THE LIST OF THE BEERS: 1. CHA CHAAN TENG GOSE: a historical German sour beer with a Hong Kong twist 2. FESTBIER: a traditional Marzen lager brewed in Munich for the Oktoberfest 3. CLASSIC PALE ALE: A clean fragrant pale ale, good to have this to balance out the complex beers 4. YAT CHEEN: A double IPA 5. HAK MO SHEUNG CHILLI: An imperial stout aged in Whisky Barrels 6. HAK MO SHEUNG RASPBERRY: An imperial stout aged in Whisky Barrels 7. DAYS OF BEING WILD: A wild sour beer, exclusively brought for tasting for The...


Typhoon 8 records presents Dexterity --- Official Release party of the T8R0046 --- Deep to Techno --- support DJ : Casey Anderson Fresh Funky S --- T8R0046 - DEXTERITY - Release date 20/10/2017 Yiannis, Greek-born and Hong-Kong based, delivers his debut Dexterity EP on local imprint Typhoon 8 Records. The opener, Ring Master, is characteristic of his dj-set openers, house-influenced and steady brewing into semi climax, setting the tone for more. As the EP progresses, samples fly in 'eureka & go!', riffs intensify in 'The Steal' and techno influences become eggregious in 'Analog Maybe'. Use responsibly and watch out for more from Yiannis and the TR8 crew!

Mega Show Part 1 2017

Three months to go! Hong Kong and #MEGASHOW Series will be open for your business! Have you booked your trip, reserved your hotel and applied for your complimentary badge? Act now!

Friday Session Alex Ho (Moony Habits, NTS, L.A

Moony Habits, the secret (not so secret) running LA party series, and NTS Los Angeles studio host, playes the Music Room.

Hypnotic x SR pres. Oliver Deutschmann (Hot Flush

Hypnotic x SR pres Oliver Deutschmann (Hot Flush, Innervisions, Vidab, Berlin) Date: 21 Oct 2017 Saturday at Social Room Oliver Deutschmann Artist’s Billing - Vidab | Soma | Aim Based in Berlin, Germany ARTIST BIOGRAPHY Berlin's Oliver Deutschmann has gained a reputation over the last 15 years through his pure passion, diverse track selection and an unambiguous mixing ability. Years before he released his first EPs he had already set himself on a path that would see him DJ all over the world, eventually leading to his adopted home of Berghain where he has lit up both rooms of the club dozens of times since first playing there almost ten years ago. Deutschmann displays a distinct unwillingness to be pigeonholed in any one style, and is right at home whether he's warming things up with an understated house groove or thrashing the big rooms with his grandiose brand of techno. While honing his abilities at the controls, he also began testing the waters of production and label ownership, and has since created four labels: Vidab, Falkplatz, Slim Audio and the vinyl only imprint GKNSTR. Releases on Soma, Aim, Caduceus, Etruria Beat, Mobilee, and his own imprints culminated in his 2013 debut album, 'Out of the Dark,' that Resident Advisor described to be "as potent as any techno album released in the last few years." As an impassioned DJ, producer, and label owner, Deutschmann has ensured that his position in the forefront was never a fleeting one, and with numerous EPs on the way, it looks like things will stay that way. SELECTED DISCOGRAPHY Locked EP - Caduceus Records 2016 Flangers - Caduceus Records 2015 Mental Journey - Mobilee 2015 Resist - Erturia Beat 2015 Final EP - Flakplatz Limitiert 2014 Out of the Dark LP - Vidab 2013 Breakdown EP (incl. Steve Rachmad Remix) - Caduceus 2013 Hold On EP - Aura Karma Records 2013 Davenport & Deutschmann - Conspiracy (Peter v. Hoesen Remix) - Polytone 2013 Celebrate Love Ep (XDB Remix) - Aim 2011 Waterfalls EP (Patrice Scott Remix...

Linked Horizon Live Tour 2017 進擊的軌跡 in Hong Kong

為超人氣動畫「進擊的巨人」創作及演唱主題曲的Linked Horizon將於2017年10月21日(星期六)及10月22日(星期日)首次到港於九龍灣國際展貿中心匯星舉行一連兩場的「Linked Horizon Live Tour 2017『進撃の軌跡』香港公演」!Revo將會率領一眾樂團成員為樂迷獻上兩晚精彩的演出,到時就讓我們一起來見證『進撃の軌跡』! Linked Horizon官網: Revo給海外樂迷的影片: 「Linked Horizon Live Tour 2017『進撃の軌跡』香港公演」 日期:2017年10月21日(星期六)及10月22日(星期日) 開場時間:晚上6時30分 開演時間:晚上7時30分 會場:九龍灣國際展貿中心匯星 票價(全場對號入座):S席HK$980 / A席HK$780 / B席HK$580 / C席HK$380 售票網:快達票(包括快達票票房、D.PARK愉景新城、K11 Select及通利琴行) 網上購票: 購票熱線:31 288 288 (10am-8pm) 門票公開發售日期:7月14日(星期五)早上10時起開賣 (7月14日開賣首天,不論票價,每人每次交易最多限買每場四張門票) 香港公演查詢電郵 (門票現已公開發售) 註: ・HK$980的S席是第1行至第5行的座位。 ・購買S席HK$980門票的歌迷可於演唱會當日在會場出示門票領取「香港公演S席限定Pass Case (LH ver.)」一個。

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